Social Responsibility


Avanas's mission is to consistently create experiences where passion and purpose come together to innovate, excel and contribute to a better future on the basis of stated values of integrity, transparency, respect, customer centrality, excellence and social and environmental responsibility.

The corporate responsibility activities of Avana focuses on
  • Stewardship of marine environment by contributing to a healthier ocean, planet and people by ensuring accountability in our operations and reducing environmental hazards
  • Health, food and water security by safeguarding human dignity by ensuring a future where everyone has a physical, social, and economic access to safe and reliable food and water systems
  • Gender equity and inclusion by being a committed equal opportunity employer by supporting diversity and ensuring gender inclusivity in business operations
  • Education, arts and civic engagement by creating pathways to development by empowering individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to build thriving and self-sustaining lives.

These four core focus areas of Avana's corporate responsibility strategy is based on the United Nation's Social Development Goals, input from the Transworld group and the triple values of "People, Plant and Profit"



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Dubai Cares
Monsoon Regatta
Isha Vidhya
Usha School of Athletics
MLD Trust
Vivekananda Kendra
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